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SinCityTalons: Revolutionizing the Nail Game

Press-On Nails Like Never Before!

Have you ever wanted salon-quality nails without the salon price? Look no further. SinCityTalons is reshaping the press-on nail landscape. Whether you’re an alt chic, a goth enthusiast, or someone simply seeking a gorgeous set of nails, we’ve got you covered.

Strength and Durability

Unlike regular press-ons, our nails rival salon acrylics. Made with hard gel, these nails are designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life. Forget chips or breaks! You get strength and beauty combined. Plus, you can reuse them multiple times. Each set includes a prep kit, ensuring longevity.

Endless Styles and Possibilities

Choose from a plethora of colors, finishes, and styles. Whether you’re into clean, glamorous designs or something edgier, there’s a style for you. Our creations are versatile. They act as jewelry for your fingers, letting your unique personality shine.

Customize Your Length

From extra short to extra, extra, extra long, we’ve got all lengths available. We believe nails are a personal statement. And we make sure you can express yourself, your way.

SinCityTalons - Full Fingernail Size and Shape Options

SinCityTalons – Full Fingernail Size and Shape Options

Spice Up Your Halloween or Costume Party

Looking to add a spooky touch to your look? Our PARANORMAL collection offers the perfect blend of elegance and eeriness. Dive into shades of mysterious nudes and mesmerizing neutrals, perfect for any ghoul’s desires.

SinCityTalons - Halloween fingernails

Affordability Meets Luxury

At SinCityTalons, we promise luxury without the hefty price tag. Want the luxe look and feel of acrylics? We offer that at a slice of salon pricing. It’s time to elevate your nail game!


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Don’t wait. Dive into the world of SinCityTalons and discover the magic of durable, stylish, and affordable press-on nails. Your hands deserve the best. Treat them today!